Trump loses lawsuit over Pennsylvania elections

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President Donald Trump lost a lawsuit against the US state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, writes The New York Times. His lawyers claim that observers in Philadelphia could not do their job because they had to keep too much distance. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court does not agree.

Rules agreed in advance

At the Philadelphia Convention Center, observers in the Nov. 3 election had to keep ten feet (about three meters) away from the vote counters to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump lawyers filed a lawsuit against the state because observers could not properly observe the counting and opening of the postal votes. They said that “meaningful access” was lacking.

But according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the electoral law does not require a “minimum distance” for observers. No laws have therefore been broken.

The Supreme Court also writes that the distance rules could have been easily changed by the state parliament prior to the elections, but this has not happened. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania are in the hands of Trump’s party, the Republicans.

Thanks to the ruling, one of Trump’s few legal victories is being reversed. His team won a case in a lower court on this matter shortly after the election. He stated that observers were indeed allowed to come closer than three meters.

Trump says there was widespread fraud in the election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. The president hopes to correct the result by filing a series of lawsuits.

Since election day, Trump’s team and allies within the Republican Party have lost more than 20 lawsuits over a lack of evidence for fraud, including four more federal lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.



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