Trump justifies his intense agenda during the pandemic: “The United States is the most powerful country in the world. I can’t lock myself up “

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The president publishes a video on Saturday afternoon in which he calls for calm about his condition after a day of confusion, and admits that the next 48 hours will be the great test

Donald Trump posted on his Twitter account on Saturday afternoon a video, recorded from the hospital where it is about the coronavirus, in which he called for calm about his state of health after a day of uncertainty and mistrust, due to the cacophony of messages about his evolution. Sitting at a work table, dressed in a shirt and blazer, has assured that he will return soon and, in addition, has taken the opportunity to include a kind of justification. The US president has received a torrent of criticism for removing iron from the virus, denying the use of the mask for months and maintaining his schedule of events and trips, practically, as if there were no pandemic.

In the video he says: “I had no choice. They gave me the option of staying in the White House: lock yourself there, don’t go out, don’t even go to the Oval Office. Stay upstairs and enjoy. Don’t see people, don’t talk to people. But I can’t do that, I must be in front. This is America, this is the most powerful country in the world. I can’t lock myself in a room, stay safe and say, ‘Whatever has to happen. We must face problems, a leader must face problems. No great leader would not have done it. “

The president announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus, as did the first lady, at 1 a.m. on Friday (Washington time). It is not known when he was infected, but his activity in the days prior to diagnosis was intense. From a mass rally at the White House on Saturday last week to nominate Judge Amy Coney Bartlett for the Supreme Court, to the electoral debate with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, on Tuesday in Cleveland (Ohio), a rally in Minnesota and a fundraiser the same Thursday, hours before the infection was reported.

This Saturday, in the video, he was confident that he would return to the campaign soon, but it is unlikely that from now on he will not take more security measures. “I feel good, the real challenge will be the next couple of days,” he said, adding that he believes that “the results of the next few days will be good. In the purest Trump style, he has also pointed out: “We are going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you want to call it.” For months, he has referred to Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”, due to its origin in the Wuhan region, an expression criticized as racist.

Trump has confirmed that his wife, Melania, is also doing well. “She is a little younger than me, as you know. We know the disease and how it affects old and young people. So Melania is recovering as statistically expected of her, “he said jokingly.

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