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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused the President of the United States, Donald Trump, of being “actively trying to kill New York City.”

“Trump is actively trying to kill the city of New York. Is personal. I think it is psychological. He’s trying to kill New York City, “Cuomo said at a news conference.

Lawsuits with Trump

Cuomo, of the Democratic Party, and Trump, leader of the Republican, have been locked in several months clashes.

The latest one erupted on September 2, when the president threatened to cut federal funding to cities where notable anti-racism protests have taken place, including New York, Washington, Seattle y Portland (Oregon), governed by the Democratic opposition and labeled as “anarchist jurisdictions.”

Trump signed a document distributed by the White House declaring that his administration “will not allow federal taxpayer dollars to fund cities that have deteriorated to lawless zones“.

Federal funds

Already at the time, Andrew Cuomo he downplayed Trump’s threat, saying: “(Trump) is not a king. He cannot ‘de-fund’ New York City. It is an illegal scheme.”

This is not the first time that Trump has tried to deprive localities that implement policies he opposes of federal funding. In addition, in the last month, he has amplified his motto of “law” and it has turned it into an electoral flag for the elections on November 3.

Since then, he has insisted on denouncing the “anarchists” and “criminals” who have staged altercations in the demonstrations against racism, without distinguishing them from the majority who protested peacefully.

Finance works

In his appearance, Cuomo accused Trump of having approved the budget reform law called SALT in order to harm the city, which after its entry into force raised $ 14 billion less.

He also said that the president refuses to finance the expansion of the subway on Second Avenue, the creation of an aerial train to LaGuardia airport and other Infrastructure works like rebuilding the tunnels between New York and neighboring New Jersey.

The pandemic in New York

He also pointed to him as responsible for the fact that in March, New York became the world epicenter of the COVID-19, with several tens of thousands of deaths.

“Donald Trump causó el coronavirus outbreak in New York, it is a fact, “Cuomo said before assuring that while the authorities cut air traffic with China, travel between the US and Europe was allowed to continue, which favored the entry of the virus.

He also reproached him that while he promised to “protect the people of this nation” by building a border wall with Mexico, it did not stop the virus.




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