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All the features of this presidency, unpredictable and eccentric, have been manifested in the illness of its leader. Contagion symbolizes the failure of the first power in this pandemic. He wants to make a virtue of necessity: “Do not be afraid of covid”

Donald Trump has defined his contagion and subsequent hospitalization for coronavirus as “a very interesting trip.” He did so on Sunday afternoon, in a video recorded from the medical center, after months of deliberately denying the seriousness of the pandemic and boycotting in the first person the most basic prevention rules recommended by his own Government: avoid mass acts and always wear a mask.

“I have learned a lot from covid, I have learned by actually going to school, this is the real school, and I get it, I understand it, it is a very interesting thing and I will tell you about it,” he said. Only someone like Trump ends up ill with a virus that he has underestimated to the absurdity – even making fun of his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, for being more cautious – and stands as the winner: “This is the real school,” he says. “I’ll tell you.” Come on, now nobody knows as much about the virus as he does, that nobody tries to give lessons.

Immediately after recording the video, after 72 hours receiving strong medications and with specific needs for supplemental oxygen, the president left the hospital, got into the official car and decided to put the personnel who accompanied him at risk to take his mass bath among the sympathizers cheering him on the street. And this Monday, when he announced that he was leaving the hospital and returning home in the afternoon, he wrote on Twitter: “Do not be afraid of the covid. Don’t let it rule your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some great drugs and knowledge. ” With more than 200,000 dead behind the back in the United States alone. Trump is Trump, in health and in disease.

The Republican, a New York real estate mogul of the pink press and reality shows, entered politics buoyed by those same qualities of showman, a professional comedian, those of a billionaire charlatan capable of connecting with people who do not make it to the end of the month. After a histrionic campaign, a few weeks after reaching the White House, he cleared up the doubts: he was going to be the same character as president as as candidate. And now, a victim of the pandemic, sick at a level that has come to worry his environment, his Administration and himself have handled this crisis like the rest of those that have marked his mandate: with disorder, half truths and good doses of eccentricity.

On Tuesday of last week, when it was not yet clear if he had already started to feel symptoms, he fought with Biden in a fierce debate in Cleveland (Ohio) and blamed him: “I don’t wear the mask like him. every time you see him wearing a mask, he would talk to someone 60 meters away, he starts talking and shows up with the biggest mask he has ever seen, “he snapped. Two days later, around one o’clock in the morning on Friday, the president and his wife, Melania Trump, had joined the list of more than seven million infected in the United States, a country that accounts for 20% of the deaths. of all the world.

It is impossible not to draw a parallel in the new spiral of infections that the country suffers and the fall of its commander-in-chief. The country had barely emerged from the hardest points of the pandemic, with more than a thousand deaths per day, that Trump once again held mass rallies, such as the one on June 20 in Tulsa (Oklahoma), which despite puncturing the expectations of audience, gathered thousands of fans inside a stadium with hardly any masks. Wearing or not wearing the mask was, for Trump, a matter of pride for months. The Republican even admitted that he “did not want to give the press the pleasure” of seeing him with one and, in fact, did not appear publicly covered with one until July 11.

By then his errant management of the pandemic had already reached the paroxysm of suggesting to citizens to treat the coronavirus with “an injection of disinfectant” or with “sunlight.” Although the next day he clarified that it was a joke, he aroused such a stupor that he canceled the daily press conferences to report on the health crisis.

No one has now supplied the president with disinfectant and yes three powerful treatments. For the rest, the evolution of Trump these days is full of shadows. The transparency of the White House and the medical team that treats him has left much to be desired. It is incomprehensible why his GP, Sean Conley, deliberately tried to hide that the president had required supplemental oxygen and that his vital signs had become worrisome. Also, as just after the press conference on Saturday morning, in which the doctors paint a much more positive picture, the chief of staff, Mark Meadows, amends the page and asks the media to remain anonymous.

Since the Trump contagion was reported, a string of close people have run to be tested and announced their positive. To the adviser Hope Hicks (a case known just hours before the president), there are more than a dozen cases in her environment, between advisers, White House employees and senators. Most of them also coincided in the confirmation ceremony of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court on September 26, with no space between the attendees and, of course, without masks, both inside and outside. These, incidentally, are still not mandatory in the official residence.

The president’s agenda did not stop until the last moment his contagion was announced. Hours before communicating it, he had participated in a fundraising event in New Jersey. Because this whole issue takes place less than a month before the elections, on November 3, when it will be decided whether Trump repeats his mandate or passes for the most important presidency in the world remains in history as what he could well call “a trip very interesting”.

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