Trump hopes there will be a deal with TikTok

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This Saturday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave “his blessing & rdquor; so that the Chinese social network TikTok can partner with US companies Oracle y Walmart with the purpose of being able to operate in North American territory.

“I have given my blessing to the agreement, if they do it would be great and if not, it would be fine too, but it’s a great deal for the US, “he said.

Security would be 100%, they will be employing separate clouds and very powerful security and will be making a $ 5 billion contribution to education. “

It should be noted that just last Friday, the US Department of Commerce announced that it would block downloads from TikTok and the messaging network WeChat (the Chinese WhatsApp) as of Sunday September 20 on the US app purchase sites; although it was not specified that in case of reaching an agreement, this can be unlocked.

“We’ll see if it happens or not, but conceptually I think it’s a great deal for the US,” added Trump, who is seeking reelection as president.

According to the United States Government, TikTok and WeChat “save vast amounts of user data, including network activity, your location, and your browsing and search history. “



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