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Trump has just come up with the strangest statement: US military will defeat aliens when they invade us


President Donald Trump is not entirely sure why the Pentagon has an ultra-secret program for aliens.

In a telephone interview for Fox NewsOn Sunday, Trump was asked why the Department of Defense set up a UFO working group. “So, Mr. President, are there UFOs?” Asked journalist Maria Bartiromo.

“Well, I’m going to have to check that,” Trump said. “I mean, I heard that. I heard that two days ago. So I’ll check this out. I will take a good look at this “, the president of America emphasized. But then, instead of stopping there, Trump continued to brag about the U.S. military – in an apparent threat to any alien who might try to invade our beautiful planet.

Trump insists: “I will tell you this: now we have created an army we have never had before,” he said, unimpressed by Bartiromo. “Russia, China, everyone is jealous of what we have. All built in the USA “.

Apparently, Trump is threatening the aliens with military force, no matter how dubious that sounds. But we are already used to his statements. Or is it threatening other nations that could be behind the observations of unidentified air phenomena (UAPs) by the 2004 Navy pilots? It would certainly not be the first time Trump has thrown empty threats at other world powers, based more on his current state of mind than on real evidence.

In April, three videos of such meetings with aliens were declassified by the Pentagon, with Marina confirming that they are genuine

Pentagon Working Group was made public in August, tasked with investigating the discovery of such UAPs. The program worked many years before, but remained shrouded in secrecy, as detailed in a report. New York Times since 2017.

Trump has said in the past that he is skeptical about the existence of aliens. In an interview from June 2019 for ABC News, Trump admitted that he held meetings to discuss the observations, but said that he does not really believe that UFOs are real.

Perhaps another possibility is just as likely: we are trying again to interpret Trump’s strange statements – a useless task, as history proves to us again and again.


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