Incumbent US President Donald Trump has a bank account in China, where he has tried for years to do business, a country against which he has launched a diplomatic and trade war, while posing as Beijing’s only real opponent, the American daily The New York Times (NYT), reports AFP.

The New York real estate tycoon kept his office in China before being elected head of state throughout his presidential term and tried to enter into a partnership with a major Chinese company controlled by the Chinese state, the daily reports.

Donald Trump also kept a bank account in China – previously unknown – controlled by one of his companies, Trump International Hotels Management, according to an analysis of his tax returns, seen by the NYT.

According to these tax returns, the company paid taxes in China in the amount of $ 188,561, during the period in which it made efforts – from 2013 to 2015 – to conclude commercial license agreements, notes AFP, quoted by

Trump group lawyer Alan Garten said the company had “opened an account with a Chinese bank that has offices in the United States to pay its taxes.”

“No agreement, transaction or other commercial activity materialized, and since 2015 this account has remained inactive,” said the lawyer.

Trump International Hotels Management is the company that owns this bank account and paid local taxes in the period 2013-2015 amounting to 188,561 US dollars.

The account was opened “to explore the potential of hotel deals in Asia,” according to a spokesman for the US president, the BBC also noted. “There have never been any transactions or other commercial activities, and since 2015, the office has remained inactive,” said a Trump lawyer.

The American press also writes that the billionaire president Donald Trump still has bank accounts in China, Great Britain and Ireland. On November 3, there will be presidential elections in the United States. Americans will choose between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

The White House tenant has embarked on a trade and diplomatic war with China and boasts that he is the only true defender of American interests against the Chinese giant, unlike Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

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