Asked at a news conference if he would leave the White House when the final official results show the winning Joe Biden, Trump said: “I will definitely do it and you will know it.” The signs of reconciliation with reality stopped, but here, the incumbent president of the United States added, resuming his theory of election fraud, that if he wins (ed. – Joe Biden), then he has made a mistake. “, He reports Reuters.

Trump went on to explain that it will be very difficult to acknowledge his defeat and declined to say whether he will attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on January 20th. “It was an election rigged at the highest level,” Trump insisted.

The voters’ meeting will take place on December 14, with each federal state’s nominated voters voting with the winner of the election in that state. Congress will then count their votes on Jan. 6.

So far, Donald Trump has not only failed to acknowledge his defeat, but has embarked on a wide-ranging campaign to challenge the presidential election result, claiming without any tangible evidence that the election was rigged and instructing his team to attack the results in several key states, such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

Joe Biden, however, won the 306th presidential election in the Electoral College – far more than the 270 needed to run for president, while Donald Trump won only 232.