Trump fires director of election security who denied fraud

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Donald Trump does not give truce in the purge what has been undertaken after losing the elections, a defeat that he still does not accept and that he is fighting with unsubstantiated accusations of fraud. This Tuesday for his revenge guillotine has passed Chris Krebs, the director of the Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security, which has abruptly ceased via tweet.

Krebs, a former executive of Microsoft and first director of the CISA, created in 2018, has been in charge of guaranteeing the security of the elections in coordination with local and state authorities, He has launched efforts to combat misinformation and systematically and for months has denied Trump’s false accusations of fraud. It did so last week, when Homeland Security decreed that these elections have been “the safest in history& rdquor; from the US and ensured that “there is no evidence that any system erased, lost or changed votes or was compromised in any way & rdquor ;.

Shortly after Trump’s tweet (tagged with an alert by the social network) the acting Secretary of Homeland Security has also informed the number 2 of the CISA that the White House forced his resignation. Added these two cessations to that of two other high positions from the agency last week, Trump has de facto ceased headless the body that watches over security in cyberspace and infrastructureyes, a void especially problematic in the transition period, during which the US is considered most vulnerable to attacks.

General condemnation

Although Krebs himself had predicted for months that he would be fired for his refusal to accept Trump’s accusations against the integrity of the vote-by-mail and elections in general, his dismissal has provoked numerous signs of sentence.

“Of all the things the president has done this is the worst,” said Maine Independent Senator Angus King, who led a committee in the Upper House to improve cyber defense. “Striking at the heart of the democratic system it’s more than we’ve ever seen from any politician & rdquor ;.

John Mitnick, who was a former Homeland Security attorney and was also fired last year by Trump in one of his purges at the agency, has said it is “outrageous but not surprising & rdquor;, accusing the president of “making a habit of firing those who are competent, have integrity and courage, and uphold the rule of law.”

Until the Republican Senator Ben Sasse has assured that “Chris Krebs did a good job & rdquor; Y “obviously shouldn’t be fired”.

Krebs himself has only responded to his dismissal with a tweet from his personal account. “Honored to have served. We did it well. Defend today, secure tomorrow. #Protect2020”.



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