The incumbent president of the United States said in a post on Twitter that the federal agency responsible for the transition of power in Washington must “do what is necessary.” Despite this statement, Trump has promised to continue contesting the election results in all the ways available to him. In other words, even though he accepted the start of the formal transition process to the new administration, Trump has not yet fully acknowledged his defeat. In fact, sources quoted by Reuters journalists show that this step taken by Trump is probably the closest gesture to a formal recognition of the defeat in the elections that he will make.

Trump’s post comes after the federal agency in charge of the power transition – The General Services Administration – recognized Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election after the result in Michigan was officially validated. , he reports BBC.

The head of the agency, Emily Murphy, named by Trump and in the middle of a huge controversy given her refusal to stop the transition until now, announced that the team of the president-elect will have access to 6.3 million dollars to finance the transition . Joe Biden has so far relied on funds raised from donations to fund the trial. Immediately after this announcement, Trump posted on Twitter, emphasizing that he will continue to fight, but that: he accepts the beginning of the transition process. “Given the interests of our country, I recommend Emily and her team to do whatever is necessary regarding the initial protocols, and I trained my team to do the same,” Trump wrote.

Joe Biden’s team welcomed the formal start of the transition process. “Today’s decision is a necessary step to start facing major problems in our country, including bringing the pandemic under control and the economy on track,” said a press release from Biden’s team.

Beyond unlocking the public money needed to fund the transition, the decision means Joe Biden will begin receiving official intelligence reports, his team will be able to contact Trump administration counterparts to prepare for staff changes, and future cabinet members will be able to receive the security clearances required to be nominated.

Whatever Trump’s outbursts are in the next period, and whatever hopes he has in the few trials that have not yet been completed by U.S. judges, Tuesday’s decision puts an end to two weeks of challenges and uncertainty, and , from a legal point of view, enshrines the fact that from January 20, 2021, the United States will have a democratic administration led by Joe Biden. In fact, beyond the lack of access to public funds to finance the transition, Biden was not very embarrassed in preparing the first steps he will take as president and the composition of the future cabinet. Just hours before the announcement of the official start of the transition, the president-elect announced the first names in the cabinet.