Trump empowers his law and order slogan after shooting against police officers

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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, he insisted on his electoral slogan of “law and order” after two agents of the Los Angeles sheriff’s office were injured last Saturday night in their patrol vehicle, an event that also condemned the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

The two agents, a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, meet hospitalized and stable after the event on Saturday and they have already left the operating room, the authorities of Los Angeles (California) reported this Sunday.

The shooting

They were both shot point-blank in the jaw and forehead – respectively – by a suspect who approached their patrol vehicle, parked in the town of Compton, and shot them. fired several shots before quickly walking away, a video posted on Twitter by the Los Angeles sheriff’s office shows.

The city sheriff, Álex Villanueva, described the act this morning as “an ambush” that left the agents “fighting for their lives”, and made an apparent veiled reference to the criticism of the police that has emerged in the protests against racism living the United States.

“This is a grim reminder that this is a dangerous work, and that actions and words have consequences, “Villanueva said at a press conference.

Trump squeezes justice

Trump cited the event during a roundtable with Latino supporters in Las Vegas (Nevada), and used it to draw a contrast with Biden, his rival in the November elections, about whom he said “is not strong on the issues of law“.

“When we find that person (who did it), we have to be much faster with the courts and much tougher with our sentence,” said the president. A few hours earlier, Trump tweeted that if the officers died, he wanted the suspect in the shooting, who is still on the run, to face “the death penalty in a quick trial “, because it’s” the only way to stop this. “

Electoral dispute

Biden also condemned what happened in a tweet, in which he called the shooting “in cold blood” as “unacceptable” and wrote: “The violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it must be caught and punished. “

During his act in Las Vegas, Trump also defended that he has “done more for Hispanics in 47 months than Joe Biden in 47 years” of political career, and boasted that many latinos they “love” him in a way that “has never happened to a Republican.”



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