Trump: Elections are likely to be a Supreme Court case

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US President Donald Trump expects the presidential election on Nov. 3 to result in a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, he said Wednesday (local time) at a meeting at the White House. For that reason, he believes it is important that a new Chief Justice comes as soon as possible to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Trump: ‘We’ll see what happens’

The progressive Ginsburg died on Friday at the age of 87 from the effects of pancreatic cancer.

Trump announced earlier this week that he will designate a possible successor to Ginsburg on Saturday. He will likely nominate a conservative female judge. Democrats, however, urge to hold off on nominating a successor until after the election.

If the candidate Trump appoints is indeed sworn in before the election, he will increase the conservative majority in the Supreme Court to a six-to-three position. Chief justices are appointed for life in the US. Since his inauguration, Trump has twice been allowed to appoint a new Chief Justice.

At the rally, Trump declined to guarantee that he will cooperate in a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he is not re-elected. “We will see what happens,” said the president. Both Democrats and Republicans are suggesting that the opposing party may commit electoral fraud in November.

If the November election does result in a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, that would be the second time. In 2000, the court decided the election results between Republican George W. Bush and Democratic Al Gore, because of the small difference in the number of votes both candidates received. In the end, Bush won.



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