Trump Downloads On Twitter After Presidential Debate: “Nobody Wants Sleepy Joe”

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At dawn, the president continued attacking his Democratic rival, after a television duel to be forgotten.

“Nobody wants sleepy Joe” Biden, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he continued his unbridled attacks on the former vice president after a chaotic first debate televised Tuesday night in Cleveland where there was no shortage of interruptions, screams and moments of tension

“Biden REFUSED to use the term LAW AND ORDER!” President Trump tweeted, who assured that if the Democrat wins, “the second amendment is dead” (on the right to bear arms).

“Is that what you want from a leader? It will destroy our country!”

According to the Republican, “nobody wants the sleepy Joe as leader, including the radical left (who lost last night!)” And recalled that “he disrespected Bernie” Sanders, “calling him a loser!”

In another message, he noted that the evening’s moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, “had a difficult night “.

He reiterated that “the radical left is abandoning sleepy Joe” and that there is “zero Democratic enthusiasm” for “weak leadership.”

On Tuesday night, hours after the debate, he said that he did more in 47 months than his opponent in 47 years, who only “wants to close this country.”

“The American people want Law and Order: Joe Biden does not even say those words!” The president tweeted this morning.

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, he noted that if the country listened to “Joe Biden about the coronavirus, millions of people would have died!”

He also stressed that “Joe wants to close this country.”

“I want to keep it OPEN!” He said.




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