“During the illness, the president had two transient episodes of decreased oxygen saturation. We discussed the reasons for these decreases and whether we should intervene. He started treatment with dexamethasone. On Thursday morning, since I left the president’s bed, he had only mild symptoms and his oxygen level was around 90%. Late on Friday, when I returned, the president had a high fever and oxygen levels were dropping below 94%.

Given these two aspects, I was concerned about possible progressions of the disease. I recommended that the president be given extra oxygen to see how he reacts. The president said firmly that he didn’t need to, that he had no breathing problems, that he was tired, had a fever, and that’s about it.

After a minute, with only two liters, I had the oxygen level again at 94%. He was on extra oxygen for about an hour. Later that day, when the medical team was with him, the president got out of bed and moved into his residence, showing only mild symptoms. Despite this good condition, everyone agreed that the president be moved to Walter Reed Hospital for monitoring, “said Sean Conley, a White House doctor.

Conley insisted that Trump received additional oxygen only Friday morning. “Yesterday there was another episode when he dropped to 93% and he felt he couldn’t breathe. We monitored the situation and the level increased again, but we decided to start treatment with dexamethasone, weighed the beneficial effects in relation to the risks and made this decision. The only extra oxygen he was given was that Friday morning. The president is not receiving extra oxygen at this time. “

“We monitor for signs of pneumonia”

Asked if there were any signs of pneumonia or if his lungs were affected, Conley said, “Yes, we are monitoring these signs. Common signs have been found in such a situation, but nothing to worry about clinically. “

Sean Conley said the president’s oxygen level dropped below 90%, but never around 80%. “Like every patient, we did a test on the volume of air in the lungs, spirometry, and it came out very good. I told him – see what you can do and more than 2,500 milliliters of air came out. The president did very well. “

Asked why he did not say a day ago that President Trump was given oxygen, Conley said: “It’s a very good question. I tried to reflect the positive attitude that the team and the president wanted to have during the illness. I did not want to give any information that could have led the evolution of the disease in another direction. In doing so, it seemed that we wanted to hide something, which is not true. The truth is that the president feels very well, responds to treatment and if everything continues to go well, we will start the discharge procedure back to the White House.

Brian Garibaldi said Donald Trump is feeling well and that if he continues to feel that way, he could be discharged on Monday. “It is active. Our plan today is to make sure that he eats and consumes fluids and that he is standing as long as possible. If he continues to look and feel as good as he does today, our hope is to plan his discharge tomorrow at the White House, where he can continue his treatment, “Garibaldi explained.

On Saturday night, Donald Trump posted a 4-minute video message saying he was “feeling well,” his wife Melania was feeling well, and the next few days will be the “real test” after he was hospitalized with Covid-19.