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After criticizing the high command of the Army and the Pentagon, the US president, Donald Trump, assured this Tuesday in front of his followers during an electoral rally in North Carolina: “Nobody loves the military more than me!”.

His words were received with applause by the thousands of people who gathered in the Winston-Salem town, in North Carolina, a key state for the November elections, in which Trump is running for re-election and will face Democrat Joe Biden.

“They have invented things, it is called disinformation, they were given a false treatment. They did it two days ago with the military. Nobody loves the military more than me!” The president claimed.

Trump was referring to an article published by The Atlantic magazine on Thursday, which said that in 2018 he refused to visit the Aisne-Marne military cemetery, where the Americans who fell in the Battle of Belleau Wood, in World War I, lie, because andIt was full of “losers” and “losers.”

Several outlets, such as The Washington Post, CNN and Fox News, have confirmed that this information is true.

“We don’t need to be in the middle east”

At the rally, Trump once again criticized previous US governments that have involved the country in “eternal wars.” and boasted of having brought “peace” to the Middle East, while questioning the presence of US troops in that oil-rich part of the world.

He argued that the United States has gone from being an importer to an exporter of oil and natural gas thanks to hydraulic fracturing and, therefore, he considered that Washington should reduce its presence in that region.

“The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East anymore, just to protect Israel, we’ve been very good to Israel. We don’t need to be in the Middle East, you know,” he told his followers.

“There was a time,” he added, “when we did desperately need it, but we don’t need it anymore. We have more than them, isn’t that good? After years of helping to rebuild other countries, now we are finally building our country. America first! ! “.

Against the high command of the army

His words come just after Monday at a press conference criticize the high command of the Army and the Pentagon of his country because, according to him, they wage wars to increase the activity of companies working in the defense sector.

On Monday, Trump stated: “I’m not going to say that the military (leadership) is in love with me. The soldiers are.People at the top of the Pentagon probably not because they just want to fight wars and have all those wonderful companies make bombs and build airplanes and keep them happy. “

Against this, in an unusual public statement in the discreet military establishment, the Army chief of staff, General James McConville, assured today that “military leaders would only recommend sending troops if required by national security and as a last resort. “.

The military families declare themselves 55% conservative; But according to a survey last month by the Military Times newspaper, the republican is losing ground among the uniformed, with only 37.4% who are inclined to vote for him and 41.3% who prefer the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.



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