Trump calls Biden a “socialist” and Biden calls him a “liar” in a sour and chaotic first debate

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The president of the United States and Republican candidate for re-election, Donald Trump, accused of “socialist” to his rival in the November elections, Democrat Joe Biden, who responded by qualifying the president as “liar” that he behaves in a “little presidential” manner.

It was the general tone of the first electoral debate between the two, held this Tuesday night in Cleveland (Ohio), and which took place in a sour, repetitive way, with multiple interruptions Trump – both Biden and the moderator, journalist Chris Wallace – and with a very low level in terms of messages, concrete proposals, and accusations and answers of weight (on the part of both).

Trump launched his accusation as soon as the debate began, after affirming that his opponent planned eliminate private insurance health care in the United States because “his party wants to go down the socialist road.”

“The problem you have is that wants to extinguish “private insurance, affirmed the president, to later label Biden and his party as “socialist”, something he repeated on numerous occasions throughout the debate, with constant mentions of the “radical left”.

Biden answered bluntly: “I am the Democratic Party, the principles of the game [en estas elecciones] they are the ones I approved. “

“Everybody knows he is a liar”

“The fact is, everything he has said so far is simply a lie. I am not here to challenge your lies. Everyone knows, he’s a liar, “Biden stressed.

“Can you shut up, man? This is so un-presidential,” the former Democratic vice president snapped at Trump at another time, and later said: “Keep babbling.”

Although the president interrupted Biden most often, it was the Democratic candidate who directed the most attacks on his rival early in the debate, when he stated outright that Trump “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

To Biden, however, he lacked dexterity to finish off his accusations before a more aggressive president and that, despite the lack of coherence in many of his statements, he showed more direct and incisive.

The first block of the debate focused on the future of the Supreme Court, Although the discussion quickly diverted to the issue of health insurance because the Democratic opposition fears that Trump’s nomination of a new judge for that court will lead to the repeal of the 2010 health reform.

The president of the United States and Republican candidate for re-election, Donald Trump, during the first electoral debate.

The pandemic and the mask

In the second block, dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump criticized Biden for wearing a mask to protect himself from COVID-19 all the time. “I have a mask, I have one right here, but I don’t use it like him, every time you see him he has a mask. He may be talking, 200 feet [unos 60 metros] away and wear the largest mask you have ever seen “, dijo Trump.

Biden, for his part, defended that the masks “make a big difference.” “He [Trump] has been totally irresponsible in the way he’s handled social distancing and people with masks, basically encouraging them not to. Okay then. He is a fool “, said the former vice president.

Addressing viewers then (something that, unlike Trump, he did often, looking directly into the camera), and after Trump promised a coronavirus vaccine in “weeks,” Biden said, “Do you believe for a moment? what he is telling them, in light of all the lies you have told them related to COVID-19? “ In addition, Biden assured that people will die if Trump “does not act wisely.”

“There is nothing smart about you”

“Never use the word ‘smart’ with me. Never use that word. Because, you know what? There’s nothing smart about you, Joe. In 47 years [en cargos públicos] you haven’t done anything, “Trump replied, accusing his rival of graduating with the” lowest or almost lowest grade in his class. “

The pandemic, the management by the Trump Administration and the resulting economic crisis have been some of the main focuses of the Biden campaign, while the president has tried to divert the debate to other issues.

The United States is the country hardest hit by the pandemic in the world with more than 7,188,000 confirmed cases and 205,966 deceased.

Former US Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the first electoral debate.
Former US Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the first election debate.

“I have paid millions in taxes”

Alluding to the information published on Sunday by The New York Times on the alleged irregularities and debts in federal taxes paid by Trump, the moderator asked the president directly if it was true, as the newspaper reported, that the president I had only paid the treasury $ 750 in 2016 and as many in 2017. Trump responded that he had paid “millions of dollars” without going into details.

Biden’s predictable response was to ask Trump, once again, to make his statement public of taxes, something that the president has been refusing for years, and that he did not do this time either.

What it did do is warn again of a “possible electoral fraud” in the November elections, adding that it has the Supreme Court (where it wants to confirm ultra-conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett before the elections) in case there is a problem in the vote count. “This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen,” he predicted.

Faced with these statements by the president, Biden stated: “He is afraid of counting the votes.”


At another point in the debate, Trump accused the son of the Democratic candidate of corruption, before which Biden lost the papers and called him a “clown”, although he immediately apologized.

“Why did the mayor of Moscow, his wife, give his son [Hunter] 3.5 million dollars? What did he do to deserve that? “Trump asked, to which Biden assured that this is “lie”. The president added: “He does not want to answer because he knows I know the truth, his position has been fully shown.”

Faced with Trump’s allegations and his multiple interruptions, Biden responded, “Well, this clown is hard to talk to. Excuse me.” Also, the former vice president noted: “This is not about my family or his family, this is about his family, the American people. “

This was the first time that Trump and Biden had seen each other since the campaign began, which, added to the scarcity of face-to-face elections due to the pandemic, triggered the expectation about the debate.

Trump and Biden debated from podiums located at a distance greater than usual due to COVID-19, They did not shake hands – as is customary in this type of debate – and competed before a limited audience, of some 80 or 90 people, all of them previously tested for coronavirus.



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