Trump, booed as he paid his respects to Judge Ginsburg: “Vote to kick him out!”

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The president dismisses the magistrate two days before the date on which he has assured that he will name the woman who will replace her in the highest judicial instance of the country.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, was received with loud boos this Thursday, when he went along with the first lady to pay his respects to the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week. “Vote to kick him out!” Shouted, upon the arrival of the president, those gathered to say goodbye to Ginsburg, legend of American justice and icon of progressive causes.

The judge rests since yesterday in the Supreme Court, where she sat for 27 years and where thousands of citizens have come to dismiss her. On Friday, Ginsburg’s Burning Chapel will be on Capitol Hill before she is buried, along with her husband, who died in 2010, in a private ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.

The Trumps have come in the morning, both with masks, and have remained standing for a few minutes, keeping silence, before the judge’s coffin, covered by an American flag. Then they have returned to the presidential caravan in the direction of the White House. “Honor his wish!” Has also been heard shouting from those gathered before the Supreme Court, in reference to the will supposedly expressed by Ginsburg to his son, on his deathbed, that his vacancy be filled by the person to whom appointed by the president who comes out of the November 3 elections.

The president did not take 24 hours, since the news of his death was known, to announce that he was preparing to proceed with the replacement of Ginsburg, despite the fact that there is little more than a month until the elections. The nine magistrates of the Supreme Court occupy life positions, and when vacancies occur, it is up to the president to nominate a new magistrate, who must be endorsed by the Senate. Four years ago, ten months before the elections, the Republicans, who then, as today, held the majority in the upper house, refused to even begin the confirmation of the judge proposed by Democrat Barack Obama, alleging that, in an election year, he proceeded to wait for the president out of the polls to nominate him.

This time they have had no qualms about changing their criteria and everything indicates that they will have the simple majority necessary to approve the judge (Trump has said that she will be a woman) proposed by the president. Trump has announced that, once the public tribute to Judge Ginsburg has passed, he will announce who his nominee is this Saturday afternoon. The replacement of Ginsburg by a conservative judge, a process called to mark the final stretch of the electoral campaign, would consolidate for decades the right-wing bias of the highest court in the country.


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