Trump – Biden debate: embarrassing show

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Pathetic, hideous, pitiful, embarrassing & mldr; Any of the adjectives serves to describe the first presidential debate between Donald Trump Y Joe Biden, held just over a month before elessons in America. With the country in mourning for the pandemic, plunged into a serious economic crisis and gripped by social tensions in the streets, the president prevented something like a moderately civilized exchange of ideas from taking place. And he did it with constant interruptions, false accusations, attacks on Biden’s family and an absolute disdain for the agreed rules. The Democrat tried to get around the traps to string his arguments stoically, but his frustration ended up leading to insults. In the end, he lost the public and American democracy.

There was little that viewers could make clear of the political proposals of both candidates. The anger and the gibberish overshadowed everything. It was a hour and a half of via crucis that left in evidence the dangers that threaten the country in these elections, which most likely will not have resulted after election night due to the massive increase in vote-by-mail and the anticipation that the counting of those ballots will not occur in some states until after the November 3. Again Trump did not want to commit to accepting the opinion that comes out of the polls or even to wait for the electoral commission to certify the result before declaring a victory. “This will not end well for this country & rdquor ;, he went on to say after reiterating that there will be “A massive fraud & rdquor; in voting by mail and asking his supporters to go to the polls to monitor Election Day.

Even more worrying was his veiled appeal to the far right to act when the time comes. Trump invoked the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group, after refuse to condemn white supremacism and the paramilitary groups that have caused chaos in some of the protests against racism in recent months. “Proud Boys, stay behind and be prepared & rdquor;He said in a sentence that it will bring a tail. From the beginning he was tense and defensive, more concerned with interrupting his rival than explaining why he should be re-elected. “I’ve done more in 47 months than you did in 47 years,” he told the Democrat with a broad brush. Not even the Fox News moderator, Chris Wallace, with whom he also ended up fighting, managed to make him respect the two minutes allotted to each candidate.

It ended up driving Biden out of his mind. “You want to shut up, man. You can’t be less presidential & rdquor ;, he snapped at one point. “It is difficult to say a word with this clown? & rdquor ;, he said on another occasion. Or “I’m not here to expose your lies, everyone knows that he is a liar& rdquor ;. The Democrat tried to act like the only adult in the room. Carries advantage in polls and it was enough for him to show that he has not lost his mental faculties, as Trump constantly insists, who even said before the debate that he would be doped. And in that sense he passed the test with the note. It didn’t fall apart in the middle of the storm. He showed poise and made an effort to outline his plans in Health, the management of the pandemic or the racial crisis that the country is experiencing.

But he also did not stop shooting at Trump, who accused his son Hunter of corruption or to be one cocainómano and he scoffed when he spoke of the Army service of his eldest son Beau, who died of cancer at the age of 46. Biden called him “racista”, said it’s the “Putin’s mascot & rdquor; and reiterated that he has no plan to get the country out of the mess of the pandemic, which has left more than 200,000 dead. “This is the same man who said he would be gone by spring. That it would go away with the heat and that maybe we could inject us with a little bleach on the arm & rdquor ;. Trump responded by stating it was a joke.

Hours before the debate, the Democrat made public his statement of income from last year. Payment $ 300,000 in taxes on an income close to a million dollars. A way of exposing the president, after the ‘New York Times’ revealed that he only paid $ 750 in 2016 and 2017, a third less than what the average middle-class citizen pays. Trump tried to defend himself against the moderator’s questions, unable to moderate what was a insufferable cockfight.I paid millions of dollars in income taxes “He stated without committing to make his personal income tax returns public.

Although the two candidates ended up going down to the mud, the viewer had time to see the clear contrast that exists between them. It only remains to know if after such a dose of political rot will he go out to vote or think totally disgusted that the country is lost.



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