Ahead of the latest televised duel between the two White House contenders, Donald Trump’s campaign team has made it clear that if journalists do not, the incumbent Republican president will ask the former U.S. vice president himself why. authorized his son Hunter to mediate an access ”to his father.

Joe Biden’s youngest son did business in China and Ukraine while his father was Barack Obama’s number two (2009-2017).

The conservative New York Post (NYP) last week published emails from Hunter’s laptop to prove that he interfered with his father in his business in Ukraine.

These accusations, which Joe Biden rejected without much fanfare, became the new battle cry of the president’s supporters who classified the Biden family as a “criminal enterprise” at election rallies.

On the Nashville stage on Thursday night, he was quick to apply the first shot. In a discussion about the covid-19 pandemic and its economic impact, Donald Trump mysteriously insinuated that Joe Biden “seems to have made money somewhere.”

Then, he added a little later, “these horrible emails … owe an explanation to the Americans.”

“Someone just gave a press conference. He had to work with you and your family. What he says is overwhelming, “he said.

Hours earlier, Tony Bobulinski, who introduced himself as a former Hunter Biden associate, had just told the media that Joe Biden had been associated with his son’s plans in China.

The 48-year-old former military man, invited by Donald Trump to watch the debate in person, gave assurances that he will send a series of elements against federal police and senators on Friday.


Without waiting for the president to say more, Joe Biden strongly denied any wrongdoing.

“My son didn’t make money with this trick … in China,” he assured, sending the ball back to the real estate mogul. “The only guy who made money in China is this guy!”

When he was vice president, “his son, his brothers got rich,” the White House resident accused.

“I haven’t taken a penny from a foreign source in my life,” said Joe Biden, then counterattacked again. “You have not published any of your tax returns. What are you hiding? ”

Donald Trump is the first president in the 1970s to refuse to make his tax returns public, fueling all sorts of speculation for years.

The 77-year-old Democrat claimed to have done his job as vice president “impeccably” and presented the Nov. 3 election as a choice between two “personalities,” presenting himself as a whole person in front of a “lying” president.

“Don’t make the baby innocent, Joe,” Donald Trump replied, accusing him of being “corrupt.”

“Look at the laptop of hell,” he urged.

But the laptop was no longer discussed, and the debate ended without the Americans being more edified.