Trump announces that he will leave the hospital this Monday and says that “there is no need to fear” the coronavirus

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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, will leave the hospital complex this Monday afternoon Walter Reed, where he has been admitted since last Friday because of COVID-19. He has announced it through his Twitter account, where he has reported that he will leave the facilities at 00:30 Spanish time.

In his tweet, he assured that he was “really well” and asked the population “not to be afraid of COVID-19” and not allowing it to “rule their lives”. “I feel better than 20 years ago!”, Has affirmed in the social network.

“Under the Trump Administration, we have developed very good drugs and great knowledge“, has been proud on Twitter, in the same message in which he announced his discharge from the hospital.

Trump entered the presidential suite of the Walter Reed complex on Friday afternoon, after testing positive for coronavirus on Thursday and experimenting a drop in blood oxygen and fever.

Since his hospitalization, in which he has been receiving the antiviral Remdesivir and steroids, the president has improved, according to his medical team, and although he has seen a second drop in his oxygen levels, he has only shown mild symptoms.

Before Trump’s announcement, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows I had already advanced this Monday the possibility that the American president could be discharged this very day from the military hospital.

Controversial departure

Trump has tried to project an image of strength during his stay in the hospital and this Sunday he carried out a short outing to be seen by his followers gathered in front of the medical center, something that has been criticized for having put the health of the Secret Service agents who accompanied him at risk.

Regarding this exit, carried out in a vehicle, the White House press secretary, Judd Deere, said in a statement that the doctors had authorized it and that “the necessary precautions were taken to protect the president and all those who support him. “

The COVID-19 outbreak that has affected Trump has also infected at least twelve people around you, including his wife, Melania Trump; former adviser Kellyanne Conway; Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien; the president of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel; and three senators from his party.



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