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The president of the United States expresses, in an interview with the Fox network, his surprise at “the incredible equipment” of the hospital in which he was treated

The Fox network staged a publicity stunt this Friday night by selling an interview in person with the President of the United States throughout the day and conducting a “live medical examination” with Donald Trump during it. There was neither one thing nor the other. The one announced face-to-face with a regular medical expert on the conservative network (Marc Siegel) was a recorded talk prior to the show – which began at eight in the afternoon, US East Coast time). Trump was in the White House, outside, where he was filmed on a sunny autumn day. Dr. Siegel in Fox’s New York studio.

In a disclaimer, the host of the program, Tucker Carlson, wanted to clarify before the president appeared on the screen that the recording had not been made with the Fox team, but that the White House itself had been in charge of filming the film. image of the president. Having made this clear, which accentuated the burden of publicity ploy that the media had used, Dr. Siegel proceeded to “examine” the president.

The doctor asked the president about his symptoms; for what he had most feared while at Walter Reed Military Hospital; he questioned whether he had listened to and followed the orders of his doctors; He questioned him about when he thought he had contracted the virus; about whether he was taking medication; about whether to have a debate with Joe Biden outside… A full-blown medical check-up.

Indeed: there were no data. Because there have been practically none since the beginning of this unusual crisis in the midst of an electoral campaign already mired in chaos and uncertainty. The only headline that could be drawn is that the president had been “eight hours without taking medication.” All the rest were sensations and verbiage to conclude, this Friday, October 9, almost eight months after the pandemic began – which in the US alone has already left more than 210,000 dead – that the disease “is highly contagious.”

Trump said his symptoms were that he did not feel “strong”, but that he had not had respiratory problems – despite the fact that two serious episodes have been reported from the White House itself, one of which was the reason why it ended. being transferred from the White House to Walter Reed-. The president confessed that he did not feel his usual vitality, that which is necessary to be “the president of the United States.”

In his own words, “it is good to be president” because it gives you access to the best treatment and the best doctors, in fact, the president said he was surprised by “the incredible equipment” of the military hospital on the outskirts of Washington. “I’ve never seen teams like that.” Trump said that something had listened to his doctors, that he tried to heed their recommendations, but that he also negotiated hard his departure, that if it had been only for him he would have been at the medical center for one day, compared to the three and a half who remained hospitalized.

The president clarified that the treatment they have given him was not an injection, but a transfusion, and that it has been “really good.” “I felt fine after the first day” of medication. Trump said he had in mind to send that same treatment to anyone who needed it, free of charge. Asked if he had noticed any side effects of steroid treatment, which can cause euphoria and behavioral disorders, Trump was resounding: “No.”

Given that he is in such good shape, despite having only been 10 days since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus, the Fox doctor asked the president if he would be willing to carry out the electoral debate – which is currently suspended- in front of Joe Biden on the 15th in Miami Beach, outdoors. The president said “a clear, of course” and went even further by saying that he saw no problem in holding rallies or events. In fact, this Saturday he will hold an event at the White House that is estimated to be attended by perhaps 2,000 people, according to CNN.

The last question in this strange medical interview was for the usual final message. Trump had it clear: enormous respect for all the medical team that has treated him and that the fault of this virus lies with China.

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