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When the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has opened in New York the unprecedented annual debate session of the General Assembly, forced this 2020 to be practically virtual by the coronavirus, has recalled that the world “cannot afford a future in which two largest economies create a big crack that divides the globe. “He spoke Portuguese directly about an economic and technological distance between the United States and China, but the clear reference was broader, to the growing tension between Washington and Beijing. And that duel has fully unfolded shortly after the Portuguese warned that he is leaving “in a very dangerous direction“, when in two recorded speeches Donald Trump y Xi Jinping They have verbalized and exemplified the abyss that increasingly separates them, moving global tectonic plates in which the two powers meet they reposition.

In an intervention of scarce seven minutes which could be his last speech to the UN depending on what happens in the elections on November 3, Trump He has dedicated the core of his message, which cannot be stopped reading because of those elections in campaign code, a attack china. Has done it for him coronavirus but also for its polluting paper or their trade policies. And it was part of a speech that the Republican closed by reiterating his nationalist message, in sharp contrast to an intervention in which Xi has taken advantage of present himself as a champion of multilateralism.

Trump’s message

Shortly before the United States surpassed the painful mark of 200,000 deaths from the pandemic, before which the Trump’s management has been widely questioned, the US president has started his speech talking about “chinese virus“and has denounced that Beijing “unleashed this plague on the world“He also took the opportunity to accuse the World Health Organization, one of the UN bodies from which it withdraws the US from “being virtually controlled by China” and said that “the UN must hold China to account for their actions. “

After defending his withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement and make a quick review of what he considers his achievements in foreign policy, from the Middle East to Afghanistan or North Korea, tiptoeing through his latest confrontation with allies and the UN itself over the sanctions on Iran, Trump has also reiterated his message that the US fulfills its “destiny as a peacemaker.” “But it is peace through strength“He stressed, underlining his military and weapons power.” I pray to God that we never have to use them, “he added. And, as he has been accustomed in all his interventions before the General Assembly, he has underlined his nationalist proposal. “I am proudly putting America first, in the same way that you should be putting your countries first, “he declared.

Xi seizes the void

Trump’s was not an intervention that would go unanswered. The Chinese ambassador to the UN, in his presentation of Xi’s speech, has denounced the “unilateralism, protectionism and bullying“has warned against what they propagate”political viruses“and has dismissed”accusations without any basis“It was the way to let Xi, in a prerecorded message, it will launch a much more focused message commitment to challenges and global diplomacy, although it has also included implicit criticism of Trump’s unilateralism (forgetting, yes, the most questionable policies and actions of China itself in the matter of human rights The political intervention). “Bury your head in the sand like an ostrich or try to fight globalization with the spear of Don Quixote it will go against the trend of history, “he warned.

In a conclave where empty words tend to dominate, Xi has left concrete commitments. Has publicly accepted the emissions and carbon neutrality targets to which the UN has urged and has announced donations of 100 million dollars, 50 for FAO and 50 for the fund established by the UN to help the most vulnerable countries to combat the covid-19.

Guterres warns about the setback in gender equality

Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the UN, recalled that the pandemic “has exposed the fragility of the world.” One of his criticisms has been to what he has called a “vaccination unfair and counterproductive “, with countries prioritizing their national interests over global ones. But what he wanted to highlight especially is the impact that this crisis is having on women and girls. “The gender equality could go back decades“, has warned the Portuguese, who has also warned about a “shocking increase” in violence that has come to define of “hidden war against women“.



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