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He President of the United States, Donald Trump, had given positive for coronavirus, like his wife, Melania Trump. Both were already in quarantine after one of their closest advisers had tested positive. The confinement of the president occurs in the middle of the electoral campaign and almost a month of presidential elections on November 3.

It was the president himself who announced it on social networks this Friday, shortly before 7:00 a.m. (around 1:00 a.m. in Washington, DC).

“Tonight, the first lady and I have tested positive for COVID-19. We will immediately begin our recovery and quarantine process. “Let’s get over it together”, He has written.

Hours earlier, the same president had also announced on Twitter that he and Melania were going to quarantine after the positivo de Hope Hicks, one of the advisers closest to the president.

No mask

In that first announcement, Trump had already explained that they had been tested after learning the positive from the advisor, since they spent a lot of time working together within the presidential campaign.

Biden acusa a Trump de "Panic" during the pandemic

Hicks, 31, had traveled this Wednesday with Trump on the presidential plane to Minnesota for a campaign event. They also traveled together Tuesday to Cleveland for the presidential debate and to Pennsylvania for another rally on Saturday.

Indeed, Hicks tested positive after returning from Minnesota, Trump said in an interview with Fox on Thursday that his adviser wore a mask “many times” but that he had never tested positive. .

US President Donald Trump, wearing a coronavirus mask, during a visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital, outside Washington, on July 11, 2020.

On the campaign team on Air Force One, in addition to Trump and Hicks, were Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino, and Nicholas Luna, none of whom wore a mask, as reported by CNN.

Trump’s position on the pandemic has always been one of reluctance. In the first months of the crisis, the president chose to belittle its scope and rejected confinements so as not to affect the economy. One of his advisers even stated that there were “more important things to live”, in reference to the fact that the population had to continue with their normal life despite the Covid.

But in one of the chapters of journalist Bob Woodward’s most recent book, Fury, which brings together a series of interviews with the president, it is revealed that from the beginning Trump knew about the mortality of the disease and that hid it so as not to scare people. One thing that his rival in the presidential elections, Democrat Joe Biden, reproached him in the debate last Tuesday.

The same happens with the mask. It was a long time before the president was seen using it; he even visited a mask factory with his face uncovered. He has always been reluctant to wear it, and Biden in the debate also held it in his face. Trump responded by scoffing (he told her he was wearing a mask larger than his face) and claimed he uses it only when necessary.

Melania’s tweet

Few minutes after Trump, Melania also posted a tweet in which he announced his positive,

“How has happened to many americans this year, the president and I are quarantined at home after testing positive for COVID-19. We feel good and have postponed all future engagements. Please take care of yourself and we will get through this together, “wrote the first lady.

Quarantine at the White House

After confirming the positive, the White House has modified Trump’s agenda for this Friday and has suspended the acts that he had planned outside the White House, which included a meeting with supporters at his Washington hotel and a rally in Sanford, near Orlando, Florida.

In a statement, Presidential Physician, Sean ConleyHe detailed that “the president and the first lady are doing well at this time and plan to remain at home in the White House during convalescence,” reports the EFE agency.



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