The election debate on U.S. presidential candidates scheduled for next week’s Thursday, October 15, has been canceled, says The Washington Post.

According to the magazine as well Donald Trump that Joe Biden have indicated that they have other plans for that date.

– The debate will not take place on 15 October and the Commission responsible for the presidential election debate (Commission on Presidential Debates) focuses on preparing the final debate, scheduled for 22 October, the Commission opinion states.

The debate was to be held remotely. However, President Trump quickly announced that he did not intend to participate in the remote debate.

Trump speaks on Saturday

Trump, who is recovering from his corona infection, plans to hold a speech at local time on Saturday at the White House, according to news agency AFP.

According to sources, Trump will speak on the White House balcony on Saturday with his preferred “law and order” theme. According to a CNN administration source, hundreds of people have been invited to the event.

This would be Trump’s first public event since the announcement of the infection.

For Monday, the president is planning a campaign event in Florida. Trump describes the upcoming opportunity On Twitter “A very big opportunity”.