President of the United States Donald Trump face his challenger Joe Biden in the last election debate before the November 3 presidential election. The debate will start at 4 am Finnish time.

Belmont University in Nashville will host the debate, hosted by NBC Kristen Welker. The incumbent President has not been pleased with the chairman of the debate.

– He’s always been horrible and unfair, just like other fake news reporters, Trump has tweeted opinion last weekend.

Starting points for the debate

In practice, Trump needs a crushing victory over the debate when Biden can settle for a draw even in a draw. With less than two weeks to go until election day, the Democratic candidate will clearly lead its rival in polls. In the latest Reuters and Ipsos survey, Biden’s difference to Trump across the country is 9 percent.

Sure, the election will be determined by the outcome of only a few Libyan states, but even in them, Biden’s position seems invincible.

News agency Reuters reports that it has been heard from Trump’s camp that the incumbent president would attack his fierce challenger. On the other hand, Trump is also said to be instructed so that he should give room to Biden so that his “nonsense” comes out.

– It’s actually a pretty interesting thing. They say that if I let Biden speak, his thoughts will break, Trump planned with Fox.

On Biden’s instructions, Reuters points out that a Democratic candidate should perform in a disciplined and presidential manner and not let Trump under his skin. Trump has recently attacked Biden in particular Hunterto the boy.

NBC has divided the debate into six different topics: the fight against the coronavirus, U.S. families, the importance of race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership.

Textual follow-up of the debate