Trump and Biden supporters, before the vote counting centers

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While in the vote counting centers of key states such as Pennsylvania or Georgia, the workers continue their work of scrutiny, outside they crowd partidarios de Donald Trump, some of them armed, and of Joe Biden. The protests They are generally peaceful, although at some point the supporters of the president have clashed with the Democrats to make them ugly what the president repeats in recent hours: that they have “stolen the elections.”

In Arizona, one of the contested states in which Biden is ahead of Trump, several armed far-right groups have bet on thes gates of the Maricopa County elections department in Phoenix. Although there have been moments of tension, things have not gotten worse. Police have intervened to separate Trump supporters who had chased and surrounded a man carrying a banner depicting the president as a Nazi pig. The man waved the banner next to the stage where far-right conspiratorial Alex Jones was speaking. “They are trying to steal the elections but America knows it and is fighting,” Jones claimed to some 300 people.

In Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), whose electoral votes can give direct victory to Biden, the atmosphere was more festive although both sides were separated by physical barriers and a heavy police presence. Biden supporters danced in the street to the beat of the music. “The battle is not over,” they chanted. “We are not going to allow workers who count votes to be intimidated,” said Bob Posuney, a retired social worker.

Trump supporters, for their part, waved flags and banners with the slogans ‘The vote stops on Election Day’ or ‘Sorry, schools are closed.’

These same scenes have been repeated in Atlanta (Georgia) or in Las Vegas (Nevada), still in dispute, and in cities where the count has already ended as Detroit (Michigan), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), New York or Washington. In their shouts and slogans, Trump supporters have endorsed the complaints without any basis from the president, who speaks of “fraud” and “illegal votes.”

In Las Vegas, at least 400 people have gathered in front of the Clark County Elections Department. Patriotic anthems, large flags and a giant Trump figure have been the resources contributed by the president’s followers. And in Detroit, Michigan, police had to separate Black Lives Matter activists who clashed with Trump supporters.

Despite the screams, the face to face and the tension, everything has remained in that, for now.



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