Replacing the debate with dialogues with voters taking place simultaneously represented American political and socially divided America very well, writes NBC.
Instead of retorting, or shouting at each other, Trump and Biden talked side by side in different positions, allowing Americans to choose their favorite candidate to describe reality the way they want to see it.
The two broadcasts are unlikely to attract at least an audience similar to the debate a few weeks ago, which was weak compared to the history of the debates.
From Miami, Trump, and from Philadelphia, Biden, “debated” about the health crisis that killed more than 216,000 people in the United States. The former defended his actions, while the latter said the administration’s response was “panicked”.
If in the first debate Trump said that he doesn’t know much about the extremist group Proud Boys, on Thursday night, on NBC, he claimed that he doesn’t know too much about QAnon, a theory that there is a conspiracy against him. “I do not know anything about QAnon. I know I am very much against pedophilia and I agree with that. “
Joe Biden acknowledged that parts of the 1994 criminal law he wrote were “bad,” referring to a mass incarceration measure that had a disproportionate impact on African Americans. He said things had “changed drastically” since 1994 and pointed out that at the time, many black leaders supported the law.
The Democrat said about the possibility of adding seats to the Supreme Court. “It depends on how that ends,” he said, referring to Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as a judge.
On the other hand, Trump forgot to attack Biden. For an hour, he barely mentioned his rival. When he did, he did it to attack the media for not asking him the questions he would like.
Biden blamed the Republican president for hiding the virus’s mortality. “He said he did not tell anyone because he feared that the Americans would panic. Americans don’t panic. He panicked. “
Trump, on the other hand, defended his administration’s response to the pandemic and personal behavior, including organizing the White House event where few wore masks and kept their physical distance, so many who attended were later confirmed with Covid-19 .
“Hey, I’m president, I have to see people, I can’t sit in a basement,” Trump said.
The second debate was scheduled for Thursday, but Trump refused to attend the event after organizers decided it would be online.
A final debate is scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.