Donald Trumpin and Joe Biden the final televised debate is a 90-minute duel in which candidates don’t even get respite breaks that last for commercial breaks. NBC channel Kristen Welker hosted the event at Belmont University in Nashville.

– He’s always been horrible and unfair, just like other fake news reporters, Trump tweeted opinion of the President.

– There are also impartial people. Kristen Welker can’t be like that, she later continued on her favorite channel on Fox News.

It certainly won’t be the last malicious comment when the victory of the 12-day presidential election is at stake.

Six themes

In practice, Trump needs a crushing victory over the debate when Biden can settle for a draw even in a draw. With less than two weeks to go until election day, the Democratic candidate leads by an average of 11 percentage points across the country.

Sure, the election will only solve the outcome of a few funny Libra-language states, but even in those, Biden’s position seems invincible.

In Trump’s view, the situation is more unfair than just the chairman. NBC has divided the debate into six different topics: the fight against the coronavirus, U.S. families, the importance of race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership.

According to the president, the debate was originally intended to focus on foreign policy, but now Biden gets unreasonable traction as the themes revolve around the area in his favor.

Admittedly, the committee responsible for organizing the debates immediately pointed out that Trump’s argument was not true and that both campaign camps had undertaken to abide by its rules.

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Is Trump quiet?

Biden’s thick gallop lead would hardly melt, even if Trump spun his opponent in a verbal neckline. And while a rather loud debate is to be expected, the shouting of the first debate will not be repeated. This time, the candidates’ microphones will be muted if the speeches are not respected.

Biden has kept a low profile and has not appeared in public on the eve of the debate. He has only recently visited his home state of Delaware, Sunday in North Carolina. An interview with the 60 Minutes program he recorded on Monday will be broadcast next weekend.

In no other world situation would an equally invisible campaign know the bombing-safe defeat, but during the current corona pandemic, Biden has smelled a responsible and voter-avoiding way to be the most effective.

Similarly, Trump has stepped up his attacks on his rival Hunter boy. However, Biden has been able to prepare for it with his team, and the incumbent president will not be able to surprise him.

In the debate itself, Trump’s tactics team is trying to silence the president. Thus, he could lure Biden out of his shell and mix spectacularly in his words.

If Biden is allowed to fill the airspace with his poetic and rather meandering expression, Trump may underline the age and “nonsense” of his opponent at the end of the debate.

– It’s actually a pretty interesting thing. They say that if I let Biden speak, his thought will break, Trump planned with Fox.

The debate starts at 4 pm Finnish time at night.