The events took place on September 5, 1997, according to Dorris. That day, her partner, Jason Binn, took her to Donald Trump’s office in Manhattan. The young woman, who then lived in Florida, then went to the US Open accompanied by her partner and the businessman.

The former model says that the aggression took place outside the toilet at the stadium, not far from the private grandstand from which Donald Trump’s guests watched the tournament.

“He stuck his tongue in my throat, and I rejected him. At that moment, he hugged me and began to touch my buttocks, chest, back, everything with his hands. I was trapped, I couldn’t free myself, “she told The Guardian.

The former model says he asked Donald Trump to stop, but in vain. “She doesn’t care at all,” she told the newspaper. “I was shocked, I felt raped.” The real estate tycoon, then 51, continued his advances during his stay in New York, now accuses Amy Dorris.

The American president denies, through his lawyers, that he harassed or assaulted Amy Dorris, writes the British daily. The representatives of the American head of state consider that a possible aggression outside the stadium toilet would have been seen by numerous witnesses.

Asked why she is speaking now, Amy Dorris answers that she thought of doing it in 2016, during the American presidential campaign. Then, several women accused the Republican candidate of harassment and sexual violence.

However, the former model was worried about the consequences that these revelations could have on his family, she says.

“My daughters will be 13 years old. I want them to know that we don’t let anyone do anything to us without our consent, “said Amy Dorris. “I want them to see that I did not remain silent. I stood up to someone who committed an unacceptable act “, she adds.