Trump administration initiates swift deportations of immigrants

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The Government of the US President, Donald Trump, announced that it has implemented a policy to deport “expeditiously” undocumented immigrants who cannot prove that they have been in the US for at least two years.

This was reported by the Immigration and Customs Office (ICE), which is the federal apparatus in charge of deportations, in a statement in which it indicated that as of today it can “accelerate” the expulsion of certain immigrants without documents and with a criminal record, thanks to a recent warrant issued by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Controversial measure

“Our ability to implement this important statutory tool will allow us to further protect our communities and preserve the integrity of our communities. immigration lawsdemanded by our nation’s Congress, “said Tony Pham, acting director of ICE.

Before the implementation of this new guideline, the immigration authorities could only use the “expedited deportation” with immigrants detained within a 100 mile radius of the border, who were unable to prove that they entered the country legally and who had not been in the United States for at least two weeks.

Others affected

The measure targets those foreigners who are in the USA “without being admitted or on probation after inspection by an immigration agent at a port of entry” – a process that applies to asylum seekers – and those who did not arrive by sea, who have not been physically in the country in the two years prior to its inadmissibility determination.

In addition, it will affect those who have been in the country continuously for at least 14 days, but less than two years. The new regulations it does not affect foreigners who arrive at the ports of entry – mostly in search of asylum – who, according to the document, “are already subject to accelerated deportation.”

Asylees and refugees

According to the norm, foreigners who are placed in an “accelerated” deportation process and who express their intention to apply for asylum when expressing fear of being persecuted, tortured or returning to their country “they will be interviewed by an asylum officer” who will determine if they have “a credible fear”.

Immigrants who are subject to possible “expedited” deportation may demonstrate that they have been in the country for more than two years with documentation bank accounts, bills, receipts, letters, school records or tax payments, among others.

Regarding the application of this law, ICE explained that all its agents and lawyers “They must complete the required training” on the agency’s website “before they can implement” the program.



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