President of the United States Donald Trump hinted on Monday that a coronavirus vaccine could be available before the early November presidential election. At the same time, he accused the White House’s democratic rivals of undermining public confidence in immunization.

– What they say is so dangerous for our country, Trump said at a news conference.

It has been speculated that the Trump administration may rush vaccine research in line with the political timetable. Trump himself is optimistic about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

– The vaccine is very safe and very effective.

Biden and Harris are skeptical

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris stated a few days ago that he would not trust Trump’s word about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine if the vaccine were ready before the presidential election.

Also a Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday called for transparency and scientific information on upcoming vaccines.

– I am concerned that if we have a really good vaccine, people are reluctant to take it. So he (Trump) undermines public confidence, Biden added.

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