“Put these animals in jail now,” Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, one of his many posts this morning.

The American president is trying to present himself as a supporter of law and order, after a summer of large-scale demonstrations against police brutality and racism, which have sometimes degenerated into violence.

Trump begins a marathon of election rallies in three key states, Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa, the first since he contracted SARC-CoV-2, in an attempt to relaunch his campaign, hoping to catch up with him. Joe Biden until the Nov. 3 election, it shows digi24.ro

Trump, campaign against recommendations

Even if he has received permission from his doctor to appear in public, health recommendations show that he should remain in isolation until he becomes certain that he is not spreading the coronavirus.

The Republican president, who is running for a second term, lags behind his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the polls, and the gap between them is widening.

The former Democratic vice president is also campaigning, intending to attract to his side the states where Trump won easily in 2016, including Ohio.

Biden outperforms Trump not only in polls but also in the amount of spending on election advertising, while the president seems to depend heavily on his wealth at rallies he organizes as a way to boost his base’s enthusiasm, and to get him to vote for him.

According to observers, Donald Trump will probably seek to capitalize on the hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett nominated for the Supreme Court, appealing to conservatives, notes DPA.