Prime Minister of Canada Justin trudeau to take a stand on the violence that has shocked France by speaking out in favor of freedom of expression. The Canadian Parliament held a quiet moment during Thursday’s sitting after three people had been stabbed to death in Nice, France earlier that day.

– We always defend freedom of expression. However, it also has its limits. We must act in a way that respects others and avoids indiscriminately or unnecessarily offending those with whom we share our society and this planet, Trudeau says, referring to the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in France.

Trudeau continues, citing the judicious use of free speech.

– In a diverse and respectful society like ours, we need to be aware of the impact of our words and actions – especially in communities that continue to experience high levels of discrimination.

In the same speech, Mr Trudeau condemned the violence in France.

– It is unfounded, Canada condemns the actions wholeheartedly. We stand by our French friends. They are going through really hard times.

The attacks in France began when Abdullakh Anzorov murdered by a history teacher Samuel Patyn brutally after showing a lecture on Muhammad caricatures as part of the teaching of freedom of expression. President of France Emmanuel Macron has strongly condemned the murder and asserted that freedom of expression should not be restricted in France.

In addition to Paty’s murder and the nice stabbing in Avignon, a man threatened passers-by with a gun. Police shot the man. Authorities say the Avignon attacker belonged to a far-right organization.