In southern Brazil the stays of a predator that lived some 230 million years, through the Triassic interval, which might be associated to well-known dinosaurs, such because the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

This dinosaur, unknown till now, was named as Erythrovenator jacuiensis and belongs to the household of theropods, to which the tyrannosaurus and the velociraptor belong, and from which some trendy birds have even developed, such because the ostrich or the hummingbird.

Erythrovenator jacuiensis. Credit score: SCI-NEWS

He Triassic interval It’s the one which precedes the Jurassic, and it’s within the sediments of this era of the Mesozoic Period the place the fossil stays of the primary dinosaurs are discovered. On this area of southern Brazil there are essential Triassic fossil deposits, and this new theropod is the oldest on file.

The bones had been present in 2017 and after a examine by which paleontologists participated from a number of Brazilian universities and Argentine establishments, scientists had been in a position to classify the Erythrovenator jacuiensis: an animal about 2 meters lengthy and weighing about 9 kilograms.

“Little or no is thought concerning the earliest evolution of theropods,” defined Dr. Rodrigo Müller, paleontologist on the Quarta Colônia Paleontological Analysis Assist Middle of the Federal College of Santa Maria, one of many authors of the examine, as revealed he specialised medium Sci Information. These fossil stays assist to extend the data of the fauna of that interval.

“Erythrovenator jacuiensis is distinguished from different identified Triassic dinosaurs by the absence of a raised dorsolateral trochanter of the femur (native autapomorphy).”

It represents the primary carnivorous dinosaur of the group dominated by the traversodontid cynodont Siriusgnathus, rising our data of the fauna content material of this enigmatic group.

Dr. Rodrigo Müller

The invention was first offered to the general public in a doc revealed within the Journal of South American Earth Sciences.