Traumatic experience connects him with William and Harry

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King Harald of Norway has a special bond with the British princes William and Harry. All three royals have a similarly sad experience in common that has not yet been overcome.

Norway’s King Harald, 83, is closely related to the British royal family. His grandmother, Queen Maud, was a born British princess, daughter of King Edward VII. He watched with great compassion the day Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36, walked the long walk behind their dead mother’s coffin in September 1997 Diana had to walk down to Westminster Abbey. A scene that opened deep wounds in the monarch himself.

On September 6, 1997, Prince Philip, Prince William, Charles Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles accompany the coffin of Princess Diana († 36) to Westminster Abbey, where the funeral service for the deceased takes place.

King Harald: He too accompanied his mother’s coffin

Harald’s mother, Crown Princess Märtha, died at the age of 53 in April 1954 after a long illness of liver failure. The pictures of the then 17-year-old Prince Harald, who walks sadly behind his mother’s coffin at the side of his father, King Olav, are still known to many Norwegians today: “When we were supposed to go to the funeral service, we walked from the Royal Palace behind the coffin to the cathedral. The way was very long … “, so King Harald thoughtfully in Harald Stanghelle’s book” Kongen forteller “(in German:” The King tells “).

Crown Prince Olav (1903-1991) and Prince Harald on the funeral march April 21, 1954 for the deceased Crown Princess Märtha (1901-1954).
Crown Prince Olav (1903-1991) and Prince Harald on the funeral march April 21, 1954 for the deceased Crown Princess Märtha (1901-1954).

“No, that wasn’t nice”

A painful memory that he felt again at the sight of the two grieving sons of Princess Diana, † 36, and Prince Charles, 71. “I thought about the long way the sons had to go behind their mother’s coffin. The two were even younger than I was when my mother died. No, that wasn’t nice …”, Harald explains with deep sympathy .William & Kate in Sweden and Norway

In January 2018, Prince William and his wife, Duchess Catherine, 38, visited their Norwegian relatives and the greeting was incredibly warm. The bond between the royal families has always been close. A severe blow of fate seems to have tied it even tighter.

Source used: Harald Stanghelle “The King Tells”, Dana Press


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