Tragedy in Brazil: at least 40 dead in a collision between a truck and a bus

The accident occurred in the interior of the state of San Pablo, near Taguaí. Workers from a textile company were traveling on the bus.

A collision between a truck and a bus in the interior of the Brazilian state of São Paulo left this Wednesday at least 40 dead and several injured, according to the first balance sheets of the Military Police (PM).

The double-decker bus, transporting workers from a textile company, collided head-on with the truck shortly before 7 local time on the Alfredo de Oliveira Carvalho route, near the city of Taguaí, located 344 km west of the state capital.

The causes of the accident have not yet been determined, while a score of firefighters, as well as rescue teams, doctors and police, continued working towards the end of the morning at the scene, a region of “difficult access”.

Due to the seriousness of the event, the roads of the route were cut in both directions and traffic has been paralyzed since then.

We know there are fatalities in the debris of vehicles, but we do not know how many, “said a PM statement.

Local media reported that some 53 people were on the bus, while the truck driver was rescued alive. According to reports, 37 people died at the scene and another 3 in Fartura and Taquarituba hospitals, less than 30 kilometers from the place, where they took the wounded.

“When the troops arrived at the scene this morning there were bodies everywhere, it was not possible to say who was in the truck or in the bus,” said a communication adviser for the Military Police, describing the violent scenes after impact.

The initial hypothesis is that the bus driver collided head-on with the truck while trying to overtake another vehicle, although authorities insist that the causes can only be established after the investigation.

“This is the biggest traffic accident with fatalities this year” on roads, said the spokesman for the Sao Paulo Militarized Police, Lieutenant Alexandre Guedes.

In a message on his social networks, the governor of the state of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, lamented the serious accident and offered his solidarity to the families of the victims.

“So far, 40 confirmed deaths in that tragedy. Very sad“said the governor, who added that a government team traveled to the area.

São Paulo authorities also urged citizens to make blood donations for the victims of the serious accident, since hospital banks are at critical level due to the reduction in donors during the pandemic.

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