The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard (AGTC) has lowered this year to a fifth Breathalyzer detection tests among drivers due to the drastic decrease in mobility due to home confinement during the first state of alarm and due to changes in the protocol due to the fact that the tests are usually performed by aspirated air.

Brigadier General Fernando Mora, second chief of the ATGC, made these considerations when participating this week in the round table Action of the Security Forces at the time of the accident, the fifth of the cycle of telematic breakfasts Wheel insurance, organized by the National Aspaym Federation (Association of people with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities).

Mora indicated that Civil Guard agents carried out 6.6 million alcohol tests on drivers on Spanish roads in 2019, of which about 80,000 were positive. “The previous years we exceeded five million by far,” he said.

Regarding this year, he stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced don’t do so many tests due to home confinement during the first state of alarm, which reduced road trips between 60 and 70% from Monday to Friday and close to 90% on weekends, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) .

Specific protocol

In addition, BAC screenings are air drawn, so drivers have to blow through a breathalyzer. “We had to do a very specific protocol, since at first we had many doubts about what we could do and the situation we are experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic was a very complex issue, “said Mora.

Therefore, in general it indicated that alcohol controls have been reduced “drastically” so far in 2020, both for the reduction of mobility and for ensuring security measures in the tests. “Where before there were five tests, now one is done,” he said.

Regarding drug tests, Mora stressed that the Civil Guard did about 101,000 during the past year, of which some 37,000 concluded with a positive result. Similarly, these tests have decreased this year because they are performed using saliva.

Not in vain, the DGT has counted 34,646 drug tests between January and August 2020, a figure that cannot be compared with that of previous years due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has also forced to modify the protocol so that the tests are carried out safely for both the agent and the driver.