Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar 2021

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Just days after Peugeot unveiled its Hypercar-class race car, which will be used in the World Championships (WEC), Toyota also pulled its own. The difference is that the Toyota GR Super Sport will be competing as early as next season, as well as more visual designs: a moving prototype.

Toyota won this year’s 88th Le Mans 24-Hour Car Race for the third time in a row, but if the audience had been present (but certainly not because it was a corona virus) it might have come as a big surprise to the farewell TS 050 hybrid successor, the GR The dynamic premiere of Super Sport racing car.

Of course, the car isn’t ready yet: before Saturday’s start, as a roadster, he did a full lap on the Le Sarthe racetrack without a roof – in its current form, it certainly won’t meet either on the race or on the road, as the driver (Alex Wurz’s double Le Mans winner) and his passenger, Gazoo Racing team president Hisatake Murata, would obviously not have been in the car if it had a hardtop.

Toyota's race car debuted without a roof 3

The outline of the prototype is therefore not yet final, but its mobility is a good indication that the final race car may be ready soon, followed by its homologation copy: Toyota must produce at least 25 road pieces of hybrid hypercar of up to 750 horsepower in two years.

Source: Smarter Media, Toyota



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