Toyota GR Sport and GRMN models 2021

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A Japanese car magazine, BestCarWeb, has taken a look at the fresh models that are expected to appear on Toyota’s palette in a year and a half. Novelties in the Japanese domestic market are usually predicted with great confidence by the web portal, and since these are cars that would be of great interest in Europe as well, it is worth reviewing them – see if they will be available here soon.

The island country ‘s trades are expected by April 2021 Toyota Prius GR Sport model, which is reportedly only available in a plug-in hybrid design, not as a self-charging hybrid. The arrival of the sporty eco-model was already anticipated by the factory in 2017, so we know what to expect: there will be a wild look, a retuned chassis and a stiffened body, but engine power will not change.

Similarly, the emphasis is on appearance and more precise driveability in the December 2021 schedule. Toyota RAV4 GR Sport. However, it is not clear whether a sports version will be built only from the newly launched plug-in hybrid version, or whether tuning will be available for the entire model range.

If you find these boring, now your eyes will widen: in a year, in September 2021, the Toyota Corolla GRMNand then for a month onto the Toyota C-HR GRMN. The acronym is familiar, as the predecessor of the GR Yaris was also given that name. Although these are two independent models, the underlying technique is the same as they are built on the same floorboard.

The engine is taken over from the GR Yaris, the torque of the three-cylinder 1.6-liter turbocharged engine is delivered to the asphalt via all-wheel drive – whether the WRC-homologous GR Yaris ’sophisticated, variable torque distribution system is installed or a simpler solution is localized. According to the news, the powerplant will not be substantially modified, thus competing with 272 horsepower and 390 Nm of torque.Family sports cars arrive from Japan 3

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