After cars, trucks, buses, boats and planes, it was time to equip a light truck with a hydrogen fuel cell as well. The Toyota Dyna FCEV would be perfect for transporting a few tons of goods without emissions, but Toyota had a different idea: instead of three, twenty-seven (!) Hydrogen tanks were installed in the vehicle, which could carry 65 kilograms of hydrogen – roughly 6,500 means a range of kilometers.

Except that the car won’t go that far, up to 200 miles, and then parked to serve as a mobile power generator in disaster-stricken areas, festivals, sporting events. It can provide electricity for 72 hours on a single charge, while nearly half a ton of clean water is produced from 65 kilograms of hydrogen, which can be washed, washed, bathed – or even drunk.

Drinking clean water flows from Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell

A test run of a vehicle jointly developed with a generator specialist named Denyo has begun in Japan. If all goes well, the project could move to series production from the end of 2021.