Toyota Crown 2021 driver support features

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The Crown entered the automotive history as the oldest running model series in Toyota’s history (since 1955) and the brand’s first export model (1958). Worthy of its prestige, the Crown has introduced a number of technological innovations aboard Toyota, Japan’s first series-produced eight-cylinder engine (1964) to the world’s first CD-ROM-based navigation device (1989). Of particular interest in this respect was the 13th generation model, introduced in 2008, which was one of the first to receive a satellite-controlled adaptive chassis, as well as GPS-based emergency braking system that stops the vehicle at the STOP sign. The Crown was the only one of its time to detect collision-threatening vehicles approaching from the side, and a year after its introduction in 2009, it was the first in the global automotive industry to offer an airbag between the two front seats.

Its current generation has earned the merits of introducing communication between vehicles and transport infrastructure, and is now adding additional valuable driver support features. One is an active system that monitors driver behavior. If driver malaise as a result of being unable to continue driving, the vehicle detects a health emergency, gradually slows down the Crown sedan and stops it. In the meantime, keep the car in its lane at all times, so it is not possible for a car that is temporarily driving on its own to cause an accident.

Another important novelty of the Crown is the able to slow down when cornering adaptive cruise control. The technology is able to estimate the curve of the next turn using artificial intelligence and, if it deems it necessary, reduces the speed of the car to an optimal value.

In addition, features that are now commonplace in the car, such as collision-avoidance technology that detects front-facing vehicles in the way of the Crown and pedestrians crossing the road, are also missing due to poor pedal handling. preventing accidental acceleration system. The technology can stop a car accelerating at low speeds if it detects an obstacle in the direction of travel or helps to avoid obstacles in the way of the car by actively steering.

Most of these technologies are not yet available in Europe, but this may change soon. Because the Crown is built on the same floorboard as the second-generation hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai sedan, unveiled in December this year, the latter will certainly also get most of the advanced safety and comfort features listed.

The current 15th generation Toyota Crown is available with a petrol and two hybrid powertrains. The 2.0-liter petrol engine delivers 245 horsepower, the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder hybrid delivers 226 hp, while the 3.5-liter hybrid delivers a total of 359 horsepower.

Does your car stop on its own at the STOP sign? 3

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