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After the Yaris and Corolla, the C-HR now also benefits from Gazoo Racing’s mid-level tuning. Spectacular optical changes at the GR Sport level of the multi-stage sports program strengthen the model, but that’s not all.

This, on the one hand, retuned the chassis and steering, and fitted larger wheels and a new tire to the car. The 225/45 R19 size sounds like a strong exaggeration, but it actually has the same rolling resistance as the biggest 18 tires to date, but it makes driving the vehicle more precise and less understeered (and obviously a hell of a shake too).

If you’re sporty, there are black details: the urban crossover’s front and rear emblems, headlights, side windows, bumper inserts and grille are also all dark. The cabin, on the other hand, boasts silver, with Alcantara / leather seats sewn in red-gray stitching.

GR Sport or not, every 2021 Toyota C-HR gets richer safety features. The pre-crash PCS system now helps prevent pedestrians from wading with active steering, and prevents you from colliding with oncoming traffic (changing direction in a large curve) or pedestrians crossing the zebra (turning in a small curve) when cornering. An important innovation is the LTA system, which keeps the car in the center line of the lane, and the adaptive cruise control active in the entire speed range, which is able to automatically comply with the current speed limits based on the information received from the sign recognition function.

Toyota 3 sports its urban crossover

Source: Smarter Media, Toyota



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