Towards the weekend the 3rd game of the Basket League – Final 8 in the Cup NBA

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought ups and downs in almost all the teams of the Basket League, with the cases following one another, while the postponements in the games are increasing.

The above data seem to have brought to the EEC the solution of holding a Final 8 for the Greek Cup.

The teams like this proposal a lot and in fact, the venue of the event has been found, with Rhodes being the absolute favorite.

As for the dates of the Final 8, the EEC will set the games on the dates of the semifinals (10/2/2021), with the final taking place on 13 or 14 February.

From there on, the postponement of the Cup is expected to bring the 3rd game of the Basket League next weekend (7-8 / 11) instead of the November 14 that was scheduled.

The program of the 3rd match Basket League:

Panathinaikos OPAP-PAOK


Larissa-Promitheas Patras


Iraklis-Kolossos Rhodes

Messolonghi-Ionian Nicaea


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