Francesco Totti has been one of the best players that Italian football has given in recent years, to the point that he has earned the status of legend of the ‘Football‘and of the selection’azurra‘. This fame is not only due to his soccer skills, since ‘Captain‘has given example of a exemplary behavior inside and outside from the soccer fields.

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In fact, the former icon of the Roma makes the news in Italy again for having visited Ilenia Matilli, the soccer girl of the Lazio who suffered a traffic accident and woke up from coma after listening to a message from you.

Totti went to the Gemelli Polyclinic Hospital in Rome to meet Ilenia, who spent 9 months in a coma and he woke up after hearing the encouragement sent by the former captain of Roma.

The little girl published the image of the meeting on his Instagram profile, after Totti sent him a message in which encouraged him to “not give up”.