Watch the video for the Son Heung-mini show. The Premier League can be viewed on V Sport channels and Viaplays.

Tottenham beat Southampton 5-2. The character of the match was Son Heung-min

Also Harry Kane was in moderate shock. He scored all of Son’s four goals and finished Tottenham’s fifth himself.

The home team was responsible for both goals Danny Ings.

Kepa sössi

In Sunday’s top match, Liverpool overthrew Chelsea. The hero of the red shirts was Sadio Mané, which hit twice.

First, the star player pushed Roberto Firminon focus handsomely on the back corner. He then cut off the Chelsea guard Kepa Arrizabalagan scary misfeed and dipped the ball into a half-empty note.

The Spanish watcher’s brainstorming was on a level that he might not be seen in the blue-shirt paint for a moment. The Guardianin according to the club has already acquired Arrizabalaga as a tightener Edouard Mendyn Rennes.

Chelsea had a fantastic opportunity to put Chelsea up another goal 73 minutes into the match, but he fired just over the crossbar. Alisson picked up, however Jorginhon I wore stylishly from the lower nest.

Thus, the Stamford Bridge scoreboard had a score of 0-2 at the end of the game.

Maupay under attack

Brighton, meanwhile, applied for a full three league points from Newcastle’s home cave with a 3-0 win. Neal Maupay hit twice and Aaron Connolly once.

Sunday’s last match is Leicester-Burnley. It starts at 9 p.m.