Chrissy Teigen, 34, and singer John Legend, 41, are expecting their third child together. Teigen has openly told about all her pregnancies and births in Some.

She has suffered from severe headaches in the past during her pregnancy. This time, the headache has become almost unbearable. Teigen has sought help for this in cosmetic procedures such as smoothing wrinkles, a substance used in botox. It is a muscle relaxant and neurotoxin that has been found to paralyze the function of nerve cells that transmit pain and irritation.

In his soma update, Teigen says the doctor gave him the green light to use botox as a form of treatment even when he is pregnant.

– I was excited when it was confirmed that I could take botox and a beta-blocker of a crazy mix in my neck muscle, as well as some radio waves in medical terms, Teigen has tweeted.

Her sex followers have been very interested in whether the filler may be helpful for severe headaches and even migraines.

– The botox taken on the chin was indeed, in my experience, a necessary treatment for my regular headaches. Botox can also be taken around the eyebrows to treat migraines. This is life-changing, Teigen replied to an interviewer.

One commenter lamented how she was not allowed to take botox during pregnancy, even if she had also treated her with pain. Teigen suggested that instead of providing cosmetic treatments, it would be worthwhile to seek a neurologist, through whom help would probably be easier.

Teigen and Legend already have one daughter and one son. Luna Simone is 4 years old and Miles Theodore 2 years old.

The singer and model met in the filming of the music video for the Stereo song in 2006. They got engaged in 2011 and married in 2013. John Legend’s giant hit All of Me is made for Teigen.