TOP 5 good reasons to visit a urologist as soon as possible

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Today the Day of the urologist is celebrated all over the world – a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases of the urinary tract. Be sure to read this article – perhaps you are completely in vain postponing a visit to this specialist.

What exactly does a urologist treat?

There are several directions in urology:

  • Male urology combined with andrology. This doctor specializes in male reproductive health and the restoration of the functions of the genitourinary system. Most often, the urologist-andrologist diagnoses and treats prostatitis, prostate adenoma, urethritis and other diseases;

  • Female, combined with gynecology. A female urologist treats genitourinary infections, in some cases – for problems with conception;

  • Children’s. A urologist who works with children monitors the development of the reproductive organs in children from the moment of birth;

  • Geriatric urology. Specialists in this field are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary diseases in elderly patients, both men and women.

Most often, adult patients turn to a urologist when they are “pinched”, but this doctor must be visited, including for prevention. American Urological Association (AUA) recommends men visit a urologist annually to prevent prostate cancer after 40 years. Women should be examined once a year by this doctor after 45 years, since it is at this age that hormonal and age-related changes begin, which increase the risk of urological diseases and abnormalities in the functioning of the genitourinary system. In addition, women who have undergone a difficult birth need to be regularly observed by this specialist.

It is urgent to visit a urologist in the following cases:

Urinary disorders

For example, frequent urge to go to the toilet, especially at night, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, unpleasant or painful sensations during urination, as well as an uncharacteristically thin or intermittent stream (in this case, we are talking about men).

In both men and women, these symptoms can be caused by genitourinary infections. However, urologists treat such complaints from male patients especially closely, since they may indicate the presence of prostatitis, prostate adenoma and even prostate cancer.

Discharge from the urethra and discomfort in this area

If not only urine and semen are released from the urethra, this is a symptom of the inflammatory process. Itching, burning, cramps also indicate that it is time to see a urologist, because if this is an infection, then it can spread to other organs too (for example, to the kidneys). However, these symptoms can often appear due to poor-quality condoms and lubricants.

Pain in the perineum, around the anus and in the lower back

If you play sports, especially with heavy weights, and all these symptoms appeared after an intense workout, most likely your body has signaled that you should moderate your enthusiasm. The pain will likely go away pretty quickly after you give yourself some rest. But if the pains appeared for no apparent reason and regularly bother you, you should definitely see a urologist. Perhaps these symptoms are caused by abnormalities in the genitourinary system.

Blood in urine

This is an extremely dangerous symptom, which, among other things, may indicate an oncological disease. Also, bloody discharge in the urine can cause infections, a stone in the bladder or kidney, pyelonephritis and other pathologies. In any case, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

erectile disfunction

This is almost the only symptom, with the appearance of which most men will immediately go to the doctor without any reminders. Decreased libido, problems with erection, painful ejaculation not only reduce the quality of sex life, but also often signal serious problems such as prostatitis, adenoma and prostate cancer. The sooner the disease is detected, the better the chances of a complete and successful recovery.

Any of the above symptoms is a reason to see a specialist. Studying the problem early can save you trouble in the future. And don’t forget about preventive visits to the urologist!



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