Irene Villa is one of the victims that left the bloody history of AND until the announcement that he was leaving what they euphemistically called “armed struggle.” In 1991, when she was a 12-year-old girl, a bomb exploded while she was going to school, and she suffered amputation of both legs and three fingers of one hand.

His strong character and vital optimism made him not only regain his smile, but also become An example faced with difficulties for people of all stripes, including a sports legend like Rafa Nadal.

The uncle and former coach of the 13-time Roland Garros champion, Toni Nadal, has always said that he used the story of the attack on Villa to make his nephew get up and try to look ahead. Now, on the show Gamers, by Josep Pedrerol, has been able to send a message of gratitude to the journalist, psychologist and writer.

To her surprise, from the Rafa Nadal Academy facilities, Toni Nadal sent her a message: “On many occasions, when we were going through a bad time, he would say to Rafael: ‘What happens to us is nothing compared to what happened to Irene, and still look at how she responded. ‘ So thank you for being this example. “

Irene Villa has written several books that are on the shelves of many coaches, such as’Know that you can, twenty years later‘(Ed. Planeta, 2011), who wrote about what happened that October 17, 1991.

In addition to serving as an example for athletes, she has practiced fencing and adapted skiing herself.