Tomorrow’s forecast: fairly sunny with moderate breezes – evening update

The weather in Washington D.C. is feeling much more like winter than spring, with wind chills stuck in the 30s and hard freezes expected over the next couple of nights. While blossoms on the Tidal Basin should be okay under current temperatures, an argument could be made that chilliness may reduce cherry blossom viewing crowds this weekend. However, gusting winds up to 30 mph might offset sunshine for those who do venture out into mid-40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures during peak bloom within the next week.

Although Cherry Blossom trees are sensitive to temps below 28 degrees when it comes on its final stage of bloom; so effective duration at these stages won’t harm most importantly downtown along The Basin.However hopeful visitors can still enjoy some late blooms as peak season is yet to happen which normally¬†last a maximum of two weeks.

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