Tom Holland has surprised all the fans with the publication of an image in which it is possible to observe how the actor looks playing Nathan Drake of Uncharted.

Despite the fact that fans have been skeptical of the role he will take Tom Holland playing one of the most beloved characters in the world of video games, his image has closed many mouths and has shown that we are facing an excellent characterization.

The cinematographic world has not stood out precisely for the adaptations of video games to films and there are many other games that would deserve to have their own film; however, it seems that Uncharted wants to take a different turn.

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“Nice to meet you. I’m Nate #Uncharted, “says the actor along with the publication.

Tom Holland will be accompanied by Mark Wahlberg in the movie, who starred in films like Ted, Daddy wars, Milla 22, among other; he will be in charge of representing Victor Sullivan.

A few weeks ago, during a live in Instagram, the British actor who played Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, confirmed that the filming is going very well.

“The movie is like everything I dreamed it would be. I don’t know if they’ve played video games, but I was a huge Uncharted fan, and this is going really well, “said Holland.

Uncharted will hit theaters in July 2021 and will feature, in addition to Tom Holland Y Mark Wahlberg, with Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabriell, with the address of Ruben Fleischer.

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What do you think of Tom Holland how Nathan Drake?